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Continuous delivery

For exhaustive Continuous Delivery initiatives, the desired plan is to create an end-to-end feature delivery process that incrementally improves, driven by repetitive cycles and feedback metrics tracking the quality, efficiency, security, profitability etc. of new applications and features.

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Cyber security

Secorda Cyber Security services enables customers to enhance their protection and focus on their core business functions. We can be trusted to undertake an attempt to penetrate networks and/or computer systems using the same methods and techniques as a hacker - this is the diagnosis phase. Aside from establishing rules and gap sealing, we recommend state-of-the-art solutions for cyber attack protection.

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whatsnewtosca11 14 December, 2017 by Michał Błaszak

What’s new in Tricentis Tosca 11.0:

Continuous delivery

The new Tricentis Tosca 11.0 release extends Tricentis’ industry-leading Continuous Testing platform, empowering enterprises to transform testing for Agile and […]

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slide-2 13 April, 2017 by Michał Błaszak

Ciągłe testowanie – niezbędny element DevOps

Continuous delivery

Jak zdefiniować ciągłe testowanie? Ciągłe testowanie to przede wszystkim wykonywanie testów automatycznych w celu uzyskania, tak szybko jak to możliwe, […]

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security-camera-1306956-1280x869 29 March, 2017 by Michał Błaszak

Monitoring jakości systemu w dynamicznie zmieniającym się układzie zależności

Continuous delivery

Gdy otoczenie biznesowe wymaga od dostawcy oprogramowania działania w coraz krótszych cyklach i połączenia operacyjnego utrzymania systemu z jego ciągłym […]

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We help enterprise organisations implement high-quality software faster and operate IT systems securely


We are a group of geeks - consultants with deep engineering backgrounds


Our partners are leading software producers specialising in market niches


We know how to fit all the necessary tools together - transforming the software delivery process


Mitigation of software and configuration vulnerability to hacking has our constant attention

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