Continuous delivery

Continuous Delivery process

In most cases Continuous Delivery approach regardless of the technology consists of the following activities:


Continuous Delivery Pipeline/Release Coordination orchestrates a complex production deployments of applications and configuration, stages in whole Release Management process (sometimes including manual steps) required for the final production release


Continuous Integration (CI) concerns checking out of source code from SCM; building, unit testing, somethimes acceptance testing, aggregation of release components and containing the release deliverable(s)


Continuous Deployment – automated depolyment handles the distribution and installation of the deliverable(s) in the Dev, Test, pre-production Environments


Continuous Environment Provisioning/Configuration Management handles on-demand creation and configuration of target environments based on a versioned, validated specification or template


Continuous Testing - test automation handles the automated execution of functional, regression, security or performance. It is a crucial element of the Continuous Delivery process.


Continuous Feedback - feedback loops at every stage with dashboard of quality metrics, (PPT, DDE), defects, efficiency


Continuous Monitoring - platform monitoring with dashboard of production metrics: defects, incidents, security

Testing in Continuous Delivery

Processes and Tools

DevOps functional testing performance testing


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