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Cronus Cyber Solution, CyBot

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A platform – that enables the addition of attack scenarios as they appear on the net as well as specific attack scenarios for specific applications (e.g., VoIP, SAP, SCADA, IoT).
Immediate detection of possible attack scenarios from the network or outside of it.

The Cronus Cyber solution, CyBot Pro, secures computer systems 24/7, 365 days a year, by performing automated Penetration Test of the IT infrastructure, wireless infrastructure, applications (e.g., SAP) and websites. CyBot Pro identifies, reports, and highlights vulnerabilities based on their criticality and risk factors. Also, CyBot Pro provides mitigation recommendations for the discovered vulnerabilities, all in real-time.


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cIFrex is a web application, which supports source code analysis in terms of security. Scanning is applied in order to delivering the software free of technical and logical errors. It complements the penetration test approach.

You can quickly locate the code were the probability of failure is high and may find most trouble using the database of filters based on regular expressions. To be able to fully benefit from the possibilities of of the new methodology you just need to have the source code on your computer with access to cIFrex.

Secorda offers tailored rules designed to identify, track and repair vulnerabilities and threat detection. This approach allows you to eliminate the most serious vulnerabilities.

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