Latest Trends in Software Testing 2015 – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. Latest Trends in Software Testing 2015 – How the World Tests?

Each year, Zephyr conducts a survey of its customers to determine how different software testing teams across the world test, what tools they use and what challenges they face. As 2015 comes to a close, it’s wise to look back and reflect on predicted trends as they can foreshadow upcoming changes and provide an idea about where the software testing industry is headed.

This review features key statistics from the report related to Agile development, cloud utilization,mobile testing, the Internet of Things and more. Read the full write-up here for a deeper dive into survey results that will give you a realistic picture of the 2015 trends in software testing. Pay close attention, the report findings can also help you decide which path to take in your software testing career as you’ll have a better understanding of where the industry is headed in coming years.

2. The Impact of Quality-Driven Development

When the development and QA teams work independently of each other, there can be some duplication of test efforts—which results in wasted time. The solution: quality-driven development, with QA-implemented automation run in the development environment. This article shares the story of one team’s venture into this new process.

Within her organization, QA Lead Praveena Ramakrishnan was able to implement the idea of quality-driven development (QDD) with the promise of eliminating the test duplication effort. The process introduced some new measures that sound pretty great on paper, but it was up to her team to embrace and execute these processes. Learn more about Ramakrishnan’s journey and the positive outcomes of adopting QDD in her StickyMinds write-up here.

3. QA’s Role in Enhancing Application Performance During Holiday Sales

Each and every year, an increasing number of shoppers are flocking online. This year, forecasters suggest an increase in online sales by 6 to 8 percent, while also expecting sales to cross one hundred billion dollars. It’s a given: during the holidays, a high volume of sales pours in within a short period of time.

In order to take advantage of eager shoppers, ecommerce applications must be able to handle the pressure. Many companies spend the whole year preparing their backend for holiday traffic because during these rushes, application availability and performance couldn’t be more important. In this TechWell article, author Rajini Padmanaban describes how QA teams can go about enhancing application performance to ensure a seamless user experience during holiday sales.Read her full post here.

4. Discussion: The Employability of Software Testers

Change is constant, and for many professionals this results in some uncertainty about career stability. Recently, Rosie Sherry from the Software Testing Club came across an article “Will UI Designers Become Unemployed Soon?” She noted that software testers weren’t the only ones facing changes.

There have been plenty of arguments over the future of software testing, but Sherry argues that like UI designers, it is more of a case of spreading your wings and being able to do more than just be a tester.

Here’s the question she posed to the community: “What kind of things do you think testers could benefit from learning and gaining more experience in?”